My name is Montse and I am passionate about my job.

It seems ideal to be able to keep going without thinking about how long it lasts until holidays start, without considering how many hours of hard effort remain or simply to be able to do what you fancy. It is possible to reach with passion.

Passion is what makes us exist, what motivates us to do something, to make something happen, to do something well, to get the finishing touch which nobody else sees, the desire to do, the sense of belonging to something, this is passion. …Passion, once it is felt and discovered, is incurable, nobody can do anything without it.

Passion makes you persevere, whatever happens you have considerably more strength to reach your aims. The only way to overcome any obstacle you find in your way is by loving what you do.

Passion, work, focus, execution, ideas, growing up, being useful and persistent, what Richard ST. John called success is what my working day is about.

Oswaldo Álvarez

Today I have thought it would be a good day to start the adventure of having my own website.